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Get seamless protection for your SaaS applications.

Founded in 2011, recognized by Gartner, and now part of the Plurilock family, CloudCodes is designed to secure modern cloud environments with one simple, integrated solution. CloudCodes gives you the tools you need to protect a universe of SaaS applications, data, and resources efficiently.

Supported Apps - CoudCodes

Protect your...

Support enterprise data governance, prevent attacks, and take action against threats and data loss in:

  • Google G Suite
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Slack
  • Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Other popular SaaS applications
Cloud Security Solutions - CloudCodes

Use it for...

Easily deploy a simple, powerful spectrum of enterprise cloud security capabilities and services to enable: :

  • Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Threat identification and protection
  • Access Control
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Shadow IT capability
Industries We Cater - CloudCodes


Gain end-to-end cloud access security broker (CASB) services with unmatched data security and ease of deployment. Among others, we serve customers in:

  • Finance
  • Government
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Aviation

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