Top Cyber Security Resources in 2021

In 2021, organizations look back on the rise of various malicious threats and ransomware bots that threatened the security of the networks and cloud environments in 2020. The devastating increase in nation-state hacking and staggering digital transformation reports taking place at a higher rate last year is why the companies are to up their security game in 2021. Overcoming the challenges of cybersecurity in 2020 was a daunting affair. Organizations are due-diligent and expect the hackers to be already looking for a new course of action to terrorize cyberspace and the cloud environment. Here is the guide of the top resources for planning and executing your cybersecurity plan of action. An effective strategy will reduce the loss in revenues. Preventive measures and informed decision increases productivity and make the customer happy and trust organizations. Below are some of the must-have cybersecurity resources as you plan for the year 2021.

Some Must-have Cybersecurity Resources

  1. Explore the top ten ways to combat advanced persistent threats and complex attacks in their nascent stage. Get expert guidance on what to look for when looking for real-time threat detection, threat intelligence, centralized management, cloud protection, and more. Utilize this Cyber Security Buyer's Guide to create a strong security infrastructure that will help you protect your company.
  2. Looking for a way to try out the vendors? Collect knowledge about vendors and products from your peers. Your colleagues will have impartial, tried-and-tested opinions on the best cybersecurity resources and solutions. Find out what your colleagues and competition(s) have to say about the products that you are considering.
  3. There are cases of even experts who can be perplexed by the new cybersecurity buzzwords. You are certainly not alone if you are also trying to figure out the difference between edge computing and fog computing. Do not let slick words or ideas get in the way of your anticipated progress.
  4. When it comes to e-commerce security, the recent transition to remote work, coupled with a rise in the number of e-commerce-related cyber scandals, has changed the game. Not only can a new e-commerce strategy keep hackers out, but it will also help you relate with customers and increase sales, grow your market share, and secure conversions.
  5. Organizations are accumulating an unparalleled amount of employee health-related data as the modern normal unfolds. Those digital temperature scans, if lost or misused, may expose your business to legal action. Learn how to keep your organization's health data secure in the new era.
  6. It is very important to safeguard your branch offices, data centers, as well as your cloud infrastructure. Empowering the security team(s) to deploy SD-WAN would revolutionize the way you do your business. Find out how to integrate it into the current business framework.

Final Thoughts

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