Freshdesk Security for Secured Collaboration

CloudCodes For Freshdesk Security

Freshdesk Security for Secured Collaboration

CloudCodes renders a ready to use approach for Freshdesk security with the assurance of accessibility, safety, and security. We are incorporating a Single Sign-On solution to provide a single platform for faster working.

Freshdesk has revolutionized work productivity, streamlined customer conversations in a single place, automated repetitive work, bettered team collaborations, and contributed towards saving of time. After all this, the main thing that comes here is data security – the most significant concerns generated by the customers while using it. Undoubtedly, the teams can now resolve work-related issues in a faster manner but, with inadequate Freshdesk data security controls, chances of data breaches are too high.

Considering all the data security concerns points and assurance of Freshdesk security, we have emerged here with a CASB solution. The approach not only ensures complete cloud security but also guarantees the high-level of data protection. Data is prime for any business, so it would be an understatement to call CloudCodes CASB for Freshdesk solution as complete enterprise security. Extending help for the help desk teams, CloudCodes takes pride in offering out-of-the-box solutions, which can be used in a customized way, depending upon the type of requirements an enterprise has.

Prominent Features of CloudCodes Freshdesk Data Security

Access Control

CloudCodes for Freshdesk security provides control over the data, which can be accessed via any location or device. This can be done by applying restrictive policies on Freshdesk data.

  • Create a set of web browsers where users can access Freshdesk confidential data
  • Block unregistered IP addresses from accessing the sensitive data of Freshdesk
  • Enforce users login time to a domain by predefining specific days or time hours
  • Stop users from operating the corporate information on any other applications
  • The capability of mentioning a virtual boundary around the real-world geographical areas
Access Control

Single Sign-On

The feature offers a single click accessing over multiple programs. The service enables users to access cloud data on mobile.

  • Enables accessing of several programs from a single point
  • Append several users to one access for easy monitoring
G Suite Security: SSO

Identity Management

CloudCodes offers a solution to manage the customer identification with a complete, collaborated, and trending Identity management platform. Freshdesk security provides an intelligent and smart way of handling identification in the organization.

  • A simple way of implementing password policies
  • The facility of self-managing passwords on your own
  • Supports Biometric and Multi-factor authentication
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory as IdP
IAM: G Suite Security

Shadow IT

This feature is useful for IT firms where one wants to create a virtual environment of the office on their phone or personal laptop. But, the firm authority refuses from doing so because the data is at high risk with this approach. After implementing CloudCodes for Freshdesk data security, users can use this technology and work securely with Shadow IT.

  • 100% control over the potential threats like file breaches
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned applications in the cloud
  • Maps and identifies the cloud storage environment
Shadow IT

Value Add-Ons

CloudCodes for Freshdesk security provides an exciting feature of customizing the existing things. As per the subscription plan, users can utilize the business add-ons that are provided by us. This can be done by coming in touch with company mission, vision, corporate strategy, and values.

  • Change the default page for logging
  • Means to speed up employer branding
  • Broadcast the announcement in a natural way
  • Agreeing to all terms and conditions

See how CloudCodes can secure your enterprise systems and data today.

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