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CloudCodes becomes an efficient solution for G Suite G mail DLP Basic and G Suite Business emails to customers as the security controls required by the organization to overcome the security challenges are fulfilled. One of such features is G mail data loss prevention(Email DLP) that is provided by CloudCodes security solution for G Suite for G mail DLP. The G Suite comes in three variants for its customers, i.e., Basic, Business and Enterprise.

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CloudCodes Gmail DLP provides an easy and straightforward solution that can be configured within hours on the customer G Suite domain. CloudCodes act as an Email Gateway for the G Suite domain. The outgoing emails are redirected to the gateway for the configured users. CloudCodes DLP framework allows IT to configure various policies for different sets of users based on business and compliance requirements.

CloudCodes Gmail DLP for G Suite Provides Capabilities to Track Email For

Email sent to personal domains

Email Sent to Personal Domains:

in case users within the organization are sending emails to recipients having individual ID such as gmail.com, outlook.com, aol.com, etc.

Email sent to outside domains

Email sent to outside domains:

the IT can define the set of fields which represent domains with whom the users within the organization should not communicate. Once identified, the rule can be configured to track emails sent to those domains.

An email containing restricted attachments

An email containing keywords:

the IT can use the pre-defined standard policies such as PII, PHI, or define its own set of regular expressions or keywords. The DLP framework can track emails that match these defined regular expressions, compliances, or keywords.

An email containing keywords

An email containing restricted attachments:

the IT can define a set of documents types that can be labeled as restricted attachments. The DLP framework will track emails having these defined types of accessories.

The DLP framework provides well defined remedial measures that allow us to take corrective actions when the event, as mentioned earlier, occurs. These are:

Reject Email

Reject Email:

in case the conditions have met, the email is rejected, and a notification is sent to the sender.



the IT can track the email flow between sender and recipients on the above mentioned DLP rules.

Notify Reporting Manager

Notify Reporting Manager:

a notification will be sent to the reporting manager of the sender on the above mentioned DLP rules.

An email containing keywords

Notify Super Admin:

a notification will be sent to the CloudCodes super admin.

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