Govern User Collaboration with Zendesk Security

CloudCodes for Zendesk Security

Enhance Your Zendesk Data Security for Betterment of Workplace and Customer Satisfaction

Rely on single and seamless Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) solution for the detection of data breach risks, data encryption, and enforcement of security policies having all-round Zendesk Security.

Zendesk is one of the best cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) programs. It benefits end-users by an excellent platform for customer service to clients of all sizes all around the world. CloudCodes team integrates Zendesk with Single Sign-On through one authentication login, which benefits a person with several applications collaborated on one platform.

Customers will be able to access Zendesk easily by the implementation of CloudCodes. The support team and clients will be having the flexibility of managing a bundle of tickets with automated workflow worldwide. We provide Zendesk data security in a way that users can use it anywhere, at any time, and from any mobile device like a laptop, desktop, etc.

Key Features of CloudCodes For Zendesk Security

Access Control

It enables the policies of on-premises and mobile data access control. This will be based on specific criteria like user activity, device, downloading permissions, etc.

  • Restrict web browsers on which you don’t want Zendesk to be accessed
  • Block all the external or unregistered IP addresses from using confidential files
  • Allow only the registered devices to use Zendesk data rest, block all others
  • Set a time duration in which users can access sensitive data by logging
  • Define the virtual boundary to analyze the user behavior and act accordingly
Access Control

Single Sign-On

With CloudCodes Zendesk Security, clients will be benefited from one-click accessing of all the applications that are secured with a unique password. The services enable users to work on the cloud from any device safely.

  • Achieve single-point access to all applications from predefined access
  • Append several users to single access, making IT monitoring easy
G Suite Security: SSO

Identity Management

Authenticate end-users who are working upon confidential information in Zendesk. CloudCodes for Zendesk data security is providing an intelligent way of dealing with identification security for the firm.

  • Systematic and smooth implementation of password policies
  • Supports multi-factor and biometric authentication process
  • Combines Microsoft Active Directory in the form of IdP
IAM: G Suite Security

Shadow IT

Along with Zendesk security, it is essential to maintain a balance between user's and enterprises' demands.

  • 24*7 control over potential threats like data leakage
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned applications in the cloud
  • Identify cloud apps and environment using confidential data
Shadow IT

Value Add-Ons

Zendesk data security is caused due to default programming and add-ons applied to it. In addition to this, we are offering more value-added add-ons through which one can enhance existing data security.

  • Change the interface of Zendesk login page
  • Customize the way of managing passwords
  • Speed up the branding of the employer

See how CloudCodes can secure your enterprise systems and data today.

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