Office 365 Sharepoint DLP

Data Loss Prevention is an excellent procedure to spare the data of any business. Everyone needs to protect information from spilling or miss-use. Presently, Office 365 Exchange is controlled with Data Loss Prevention Capability. Likewise, SharePoint on the web can be designed with the Data Loss Prevention solution.

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CloudCodes provides an effective solution for Office 365 Sharepoint DLP customers like the security controls required by the organization to overcome the security challenges are fulfilled. Sharepoint DLP policy feature is provided by the CloudCodes security solution for Office 365.

CloudCodes Office 365 Sharepoint DLP provides an effective solution that can be configured within hours on the Office 365 domain. CloudCodes DLP framework allows IT to configure various policies for different sets of users based on business and compliance requirements

CloudCodes uses an agent-based approach to bring control to office 365 Sharepoint.

An agent-based approach, CloudCodes agent, is installed on the end-user machine. The agent acts as a web proxy, i.e., the web traffic of applications that need to be monitored are passed through the agent. Other traffic can be redirected directly to the web without passing through the agent. The agent doesn’t store any content that it inspects. The following features are provided through the agent.

Email sent to personal domains

Sharing across OU:

this allows the IT to ensure documents across departments cannot be shared. E.g., the Finance department users cannot share documents with the operation team.

Email sent to outside domains


the IT can track/block the deletion of documents. There are times when the user tries to delete the records intentionally/unintentionally. The materials are the assets of the organization.

Email sent to personal domains

External Sharing of documents:

the IT can control in real-time track/block sharing of documents with blacklisted domains such as personal domains or competitor domains etc-etc.

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