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CloudCodes for Dropbox Security

Complete Integrated Cloud Security Solution With CASB Technologies

Extend your visibility and granular control over the services related to Dropbox with a combination of all robust cloud security solutions, which is combined with best-in-class DLP and CASB technologies from CloudCodes.

Nowadays, Dropbox is adopted by several organizations because it has now become the best-known list of cloud storage services. It is considered a secure and reliable platform in the workplace to share files. However, if something goes wrong, then, without any doubt concern, the enterprise data is going to be at high risk. CloudCodes for Dropbox Security permits users to secure the Dropbox by incorporating the control layer. We are rendering a seamless, integrated experience of end-users for the Dropbox program with native SSO and Multi-Factor Authentication.

CloudCodes enables enterprises adopting with secure Dropbox app that involves complete control for safeguarding programs. We are offering Dropbox Cloud Security with a full array of deployment modes for equipping vibrant and contextual information around the Dropbox usage that involves location, service, device, and content. We will be helping users in standardizing the Dropbox by coaching end-users towards the platform from the unsanctioned alternatives.

Features of Dropbox Data Security

Access Control

CloudCodes provides deep learning of the organization’s usage of Dropbox and its ecosystem. It is possible to control access by end-users based on the devices, location, and other related factors.

  • Restricts a set of web browsers to open the official Dropbox-like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE
  • Block the unregistered IP address, which is trying to access Dropbox data
  • Set a specific time duration under which one can work with Dropbox
  • Enable users only to operate the devices that are registered infirm
  • Generate a virtual boundary and give an alert when something smells wrong
Access Control

Data Loss Prevention

CloudCodes Cloud DLP prevents confidential information in a cloud storage with high accuracy and precision. It involves the ability to inspect all the sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services. The detection of sensitive files come across 500+ structured and unstructured data that users more than 300 metadata extraction, proximity analysis, exact match, and more.

  • Systematically tackle the confidential information in Dropbox
  • Easy and effective creation of DLP policies for cloud services
  • Out of the box compliance check for PII, PCI, PHI, etc.
  • Give an instant alert message when something goes wrong
DLP: G Suite Security

Single Sign-On

It is now possible to secure Dropbox applications, all with one password. The service enables users to access mobile, cloud, and on-premises programs from any mobile device.

  • Renders single point accessing on all programs from predefined access
  • Append several users to the sole access to activate easy IT monitoring
G Suite Security: SSO

Identity Management

CloudCodes Dropbox Cloud Security manages customer identification with a complete, integrated, and next-generation IM platform. We are rendering a smart measure of handling security with the identity of the enterprise.

  • Self-management of password list on your own
  • Password policies implementation with ease
  • Supports biometric and multi-factor authentication
  • Incorporates Microsoft AD as Identity Provider
IAM: G Suite Security

Shadow IT

This refers to the information technology feature, managed outside, and without the knowledge of the IT section. Usually, this practice is considered under the data risk category but, with CloudCodes Dropbox Security, it is not so. Users can do Shadow IT even with data security because we maintain a record who is using the files from where they are being accessed?

  • Handle the potential threats from data leakage or data breaches
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned applications in the cloud storage
  • Identifies the cloud apps that are being used in your organization
Shadow IT

Value Add-Ons

There are existing add-ons in Dropbox, which provides organizational and secure functionality on the cloud storage. However, the CloudCodes team provides some additional add-ons through which the existing add-ons will not be affected, and the security will get more enhanced.

  • Design your Login page
  • Branding of the employer
  • Broadcast the announcement
  • Agreement with terms & conditions

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