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CloudCodes for Complete JIRA Cloud Security

CloudCodes implements a robust control set for JIRA security purpose of protecting cloud information from data breaches. Enterprises will easily be able to acquire security analytic, live data monitoring, audit logs description, etc.

JIRA is a cloud-based proprietary issue-management product, which provides bug tracking functionality. It is a useful tool in the hand of the testers but, have a flip side too because critical data is being sent on the cloud without any call for security protocols. This comes to the situation where CloudCodes CASB Solutions extends JIRA cloud security. It efficiently keeps a real-time check on JIRA data, which is being shared over the cloud with all necessary security protocols.

CloudCodes for JIRA data security avails the unique CASB approach, which fits well into the different data security palette. It helps in offering stringent control over transacted data without subtracting any of the benefits availed for JIRA by the team. CloudCodes JIRA Security comes with end-to-end protection where data blocking is the attempt for data leakage. We give support to selective encryption of the Confluence and JIRA content. This means that users must be authenticated and have the right to access to explore the confidential files.

Features of CloudCodes for JIRA Cloud Security

Access Control

CloudCodes for JIRA data security benefits its clients with granular visibility of JIRA application and its ecosystem of all related services. We permit employees to thoroughly understand the things linked with JIRA software and allow them to define customized cloud security policies. This policy setting is based on an organization’s identity, data, services, and activity.

  • Set a web browser bundle, which have right to access JIRA
  • Stop using JIRA from the unregistered or external IP address
  • Enable employees to work with confidential data within the specified period
  • Permit only the on-premises components to access organization files/folders
  • Design an invisible boundary all around the real-world geographical area
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Access Control

Single Sign-On

This feature provides one-click access to entire programs associated with JIRA through a unique password. The services of CloudCodes for JIRA security allows end-users to work with cloud data either on mobile phones or on-premises devices.

  • Permits a single point accessing over all the linked programs
  • Add multiple users on the individual access for easy IT monitoring
  • All the cloud applications provisioning and de-provisioning
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Identity Management

CloudCodes for JIRA cloud security enables organizations to assess the context of every session. It allows enforcement of appropriate accessing levels. For example, it is completely prohibited to access unmanaged components or devices of the external area.

  • Easy implementation of password policies
  • Hassle-free management of passwords in bulk
  • Support to multi-factor and biometric authentication
  • Consolidation of MS Active Directory in the form of IdP
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Shadow IT

Several organizations have adopted cloud storage that means JIRA / Confluence is probably a program currently in use. CloudCodes for JIRA security offers a virtual IT platform on the external component safely and securely. No data loss risk is associated while executing this trending technology.

  • High control over all the potential Cyber-threats
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned programs in the cloud
  • Determine what and where files are accessed
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Shadow IT

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