Case Study for Automobile Industry

CASB solution for Automobile Industry


One of the leading automobile giants, manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, had moved to G Suite (then known as Google Apps for Work) owing to enhanced proficiency, productivity and real time collaboration provided by this suite of apps. Like every other enterprise, G Suite came as a breath of fresh air for this manufacturer as well, collaborating with colleagues stationed at different locations, with different work shifts became smoother, and also paved way to a transparent work practice in the entire enterprise. Migrating to the cloud helped this firm enhance its productivity with faster turnaround times, better communication and more.

Challenges of G Suite

WG Suite allowed this automobile giant become more swift and proficient. Its robust platform added flexibility to the employees and their work, also, the decision-making process was not confined to office premises anymore.

While all of these benefits helped achieve a lot, this firm soon started realizing the challenges with moving to the cloud. They couldn’t stop or restrict data access to their users, nor could they get a thorough visibility on their data or identify whether the user was a legit user or no. All this could possibly lead to a data breach of sensitive information. Hence, the whole G Suite deployment posed as a question to them.

The other main challenge that the company faced was the user would not change their password since long days. Hence, the company looked for the solution that would notify users to change password on timely basis.


The firm then started evaluating several CASB vendors who could help them with setting up user restrictions (Access Control) and strong password policies for their cloud data. The firm then appointed CloudCodes for G Suite (gControl), our CASB solution for their cloud security needs. With our IP restriction (Access Control) feature, the enterprise could successfully ensure that all their users, except a few as defined by their IT team, could be confined to specific IP addresses, that of the office premise and data access on other IPs was strictly prohibited.

Additionally, they also adopted Identity Management solution, using which they could setup strong password policies for their entire organization. The strong password policies enabled them to impose password complexity, self password reset and forgot password policies - adding to their security efforts. The self password reset policy implementation reduced their IT help desk tickets by 30%.

CloudCodes For G Suite allowed this automobile firm add a layer of cloud security to their G Suite without any significant change in the management, hence effectively leveraging the agility of the cloud, securely.