Case Study for Ecommerce Industry

Case Study for Ecommerce Industry


A leading name in the Ecommerce industry, this enterprise provides a comprehensive product palette ranging from home appliances, electronic goods, and products for lifestyle, fashion and clothing. Well within the era of e-shopping, this firm, which is headquartered in Asia, has been working in the direction of improving the quality of people's lives by catering to their e-shopping needs through their robust teleshopping and online shopping platforms.

With technological advancements, and introduction of Cloud-based work environment, the management realized the importance of cloud-introduction in their work culture; and since then, they have been operating on the cloud, using Google Apps / G Suite, which not only helped them promote transparency as well as work efficiency, but also amplified turnaround time.With the advantageous deployment of G Suite, the company staff started accessing their data from anywhere and at any point of location. Migrating to cloud definitely helped them fetch more business as their delivery time increased manifolds with work processes getting all the more streamlined than before. But, as every technology has a downside, moving to cloud also generated some fears and unseen concerns with data governance.

Challenges with G Suite

With the robust platform of the Google Apps / G Suite, enhanced inter and intra communication for the organization, work flexibility and real-time collaboration came as the merits, but unkempt data access came as a demerit. Work culture became all the more flexible, but at the same time, threatened the management for any data leaks as not everyone could be trusted with flexible data access.

Another problem that the company was facing is that the employees were able to access both Business Gmail and Personal Gmail accounts inside the office network. Even though, restricting personal Gmail accounts was not a solution as the enterprise could not give up on the work flexibility either, but still, owing to this easy data access, data safety was becoming a major concern for the management.

Also, the company was looking for a solution to prevent employee’s personal Gmail access and implement a password policy feature from their cloud application, mainly G Suite. They also wanted such a solution that helped them minimize password reset requests for all users of the organization.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution -

In its search for an efficient solution, the company conducted trials of CloudCodes for CASB solutions. In these trials, our team ran the CASB solutions through a range of used cases – for Consumer Gmail Block, Password Reset, and IP Restriction features. The company implemented Identity Management feature of G Suite and enforced strong password policies for all users of the organization such as the expiration of password after 30 days. With the self-password reset feature implementation, they reduced their IT help desk tickets by around 20-30%.

CloudCodes for G Suite allowed this e-commerce company to add that extra layer of cloud security on top of G Suite without any significant change in management. The IP Restriction feature provided by CloudCodes CASB solution for G Suite protected the Enterprise from unauthorized access by the employees or by any unauthorized person outside the office premises. In addition to the above feature, CloudCodes offered Consumer Gmail Block feature that gave admin access to block the personal Gmail ID in office network and ensure the corporate email is working smoothly. Admin was given the rights to apply this extension based policy to Users as well as Organizational Units.

Now, with G Suite and CloudCodes CASB solutions going hand-in-hand, this E-commerce firm was able to use cloud services all the more securely than before.