Case Study for Healthcare Sector

CASB Solution for the Healthcare Segment


Based in California, this healthcare organization was founded by 3 leading authorities of the world in neuroscience, computer science and medicine. This healthcare firm redefines behavioral healthcare by redefining diagnosis and management of brain disorders. They use high-end technology, giving patients as well as providers seamless and instant methods for objectively as well as continuously measuring moods, cognition, and behaviors in home/work environments, delivering great insights, which are not viable to be delivered through conventional clinical, imaging and neuropsychological techniques. This healthcare company had deployed G Suite, but in devoid of any proper data security norms, they were feeling a lack of enterprise cloud security. They wanted to have device-based restriction within their office premises, so they were looking for some solution that can help them execute a data-safe transition to cloud. The current network architecture as they were seeing was inadequate to protect the confidential healthcare data over the cloud, which was mainly happening due to free data access on any devices, giving rise to security issues. The company was facing data security challenge, which was soon addressed after they deployed CloudCodes for G Suite solution.

Challenges with G Suite

Initially, when G Suite was run through the various segments departments of the organization, the IT staff started encountering various unforeseen issues with users’ free data access from just about any of the devices without any restrictions being imposed upon them. It was acknowledged that G Suite security control was not quite enough in ensuring total data protection, specifically in cases where data access was easy even through unmanaged devices. They were looking for device-based restriction; they wanted some restriction policy where only assigned machines could be used by the users.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

While searching for an exceptionally useful CASB solution, this healthcare firm conducted many trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions, wherein, CloudCodes expert team ran them through a series of used cases for both managed as well as unmanaged devices. CloudCodes then deployed a customized CASB solution for them where Device Restriction policy was implemented in the Access Control solution. This was done by binding MAC address of users with specific devices. This helped the firm in getting real-time data protection from previously-problematic unmanaged devices. This Device restriction feature helped this healthcare company considerably in managing their company’s devices rendering much more security for browser, hardware, and even while sharing of data. With CloudCodes CASB solution as their data security arm, this company was fully able to secure their sensitive health-related data on unmanaged devices.