Case Study for Healthcare Industry

Case Study for Healthcare Industry


A California company, this healthcare firm had already deployed G Suite, but in the absence of proper device restriction and security controls, they were searching for some solution to execute a complete transition of their employees to a SaaS productivity-suite. The network architecture was seemingly inadequate for protecting data in the cloud, whereby, allowing free access on any device, which was why, the security issues were creeping in. Data security was a great challenge they were facing, which was addressed soon when they employed CloudCodes for G Suite.

Challenges with G Suite

During the initial G Suite run all throughout the different departments of the company, the IT team encountered some unforeseen problems with users; easy access to their email accounts from just about any device without any restrictions imposed on it. G Suite security controls were not adequate enough to ensure complete data protection, especially in cases of data access via unmanaged devices.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

In search for a useful CASB solution, the firm had conducted multiple trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions - CloudCodes for G Suite. In these trials, our experts ran the CASB solutions through an array of use cases - managed/unmanaged device access.

CloudCodes implemented the Device Restriction policy available in their Access Control solution, by binding MAC address of the user with the specific device, which provided real-time data protection from unmanaged devices. The Device restriction feature helped the healthcare firm a great deal in managing their devices rendering security for browser, hardware, and even data-sharing.

With CloudCodes CASB solutions as their security arm, the firm was able to secure sensitive data on unmanaged devices.