Case Study for KPO Industry

Case Study for KPO Industry


Based in Asia, this is a healthcare firm run by techno savvy professionals having deep knowledge in healthcare, IT, marketing, business development, and execution of mission-critical projects, performing US medical-billing & Insurance-related activities. This healthcare firm had adopted G Suite, but due to excess flexibility of access, the network architecture seemed quite inadequate for safeguarding critical medical data in the cloud, as free access was allowed on devices, which was the reason why, data security issues kept creeping in, putting confidential medical data at stake of being leaked. They wanted user login from office network only. This data security challenge was soon addressed by employing CloudCodes for G Suite, a CASB solution for G Suite / Google Apps For Work..

Challenges with G Suite

During the initial days of running G Suite all throughout the varied organizational departments, the IT staff faced an unforeseen problem with users’ free access to their accounts from multiple devices, even outside the office network without any IP restrictions imposed upon. G Suite security was not adequate for ensuring data safety, especially in cases where data access was unmanaged. The immediate requirement was to employ some solution which helps in confining user login only from the office network.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

While searching for a useful CASB solution, the healthcare firm conducted several trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions - CloudCodes for G Suite. in which, our experts ran the CASB solutions through an array of use cases - managed/unmanaged device access.

CloudCodes implemented the CASB solution that enabled this firm to have granular control over their data and users with IP restriction policy under its Advanced Access Control solution, which provided the firm with real-time data protection. The IP restriction feature helped the healthcare firm a great deal in managing their devices rendering amplified security by confining user login only from the office network. With CloudCodes CASB solution as their security arm, the firm was able to secure sensitive medical data.

With CloudCodes CASB solutions as their security arm, the firm was able to secure sensitive data on unmanaged devices.