Case Study for Supply Chain Company

Case Study for Supply Chain Company


Based in Asia, this leading Supply Chain Solutions Company is touching many industry verticals including Agriculture, Retail, Quick Service Restaurant, Food Service, and Pharmaceuticals industries. This leading logistic company offers comprehensive solutions for varied Supply Chain needs. Their supply chain solutions’ expanse is highly vast this is the “Brand” behind many ‘Super Brands.’

The Company was looking for the best branding solution and the best preference appeared in the form of moving to the cloud with the help of G Suite, so they permeated cloud working environment rapidly throughout the company. Moving to cloud and adopting G Suite in their work environment strengthened their business a great deal. Through benefits of G Suite, the company staff used to fluently access the data from anywhere and at any point of location. Migrating to cloud really helped the firm to grow their business and to organize an improved work system.

Challenges with G Suite

G Suite robust platform strengthened the work processes even further, allowing employees to communicate with respective customers irrespective of time and work location. However, with the constant augmentation in data and escalating number of users in the company, security concerns also amplified. The company realized that their safety level was inadequate and not at par with the requirements for protecting information in the cloud. This was mainly happening because of the ease access on any devices at any locations, which was increasing the risk of data outflow for the organization.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

The company wanted to have a customized login page for branding their products and services internally as well as externally to improve user experience while retaining their corporate brand and image, at the same time. To find the most appropriate solution, the firm conducted a demo of CloudCodes CASB solutions. During the demo, CloudCodes experts performed a run on a range of CASB solutions for Customized Login Page and IP Restriction features.

At CloudCodes, data security of enterprises is of utmost importance. IP restriction feature allows the company to whitelist the networks as well as devices that are accessible from the shared dashboard. CloudCodes for G Suite allows the firm to add that extra layer of cloud security by protecting the enterprise from any unauthorized access by the employees while they are outside the office premises and that too without compromising of the benefits offered by G Suite. G Suite and CloudCodes CASB solutions hand-in-hand enabled the enterprises to get secured cloud usage.