Case Study for Education Sector

CASB Solution for the Education Sector


A California based high school had adopted G Suite, which initially helped them a great deal in achieving the much expected smoother operations, strengthened student-student and student-staff coordination in the high school campus. Owing to some challenges that they were facing after cloud migration primarily with the login page in G Suite, they now wanted to have a custom login page with the need of their own school branding on that particular login page.

Challenges with G Suite

Putting aside the benefits, adoption of G Suite after cloud migration had really put forth great challenges for this high school mainly in terms of their login page. The problem that they were facing was that G suite provides same login page both for the Personal Gmail and also for the corporate Gmail as well; and this was posing them some great issues. But, school’s particular requirement was with the requirement of their own school branding on this login page, which they realized that was not possible with G Suite. What they needed was a tailored CASB solution that could do this needful for them. They wanted to keep the same credential for school email id login as well as for Windows login.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

The core management staff of the school started evaluating CASB solutions, and while doing this, they came across CloudCodes for G Suite and its Value Add-On features. After multiple trials of the solutions, they adopted CloudCodes for G Suite and applied to the entire system at the school. With our CASB solution, it now became possible for the school to keep the same credential for school email id login as well as for Windows login. With the provided ‘Customized Login Page’ feature of our CASB solution, the high school succeeded in establishing the required uniform brand, Institute Name, Logo and Website address, throughout its G Suite without compromising on any of the other setups that were possessed, including Microsoft Active Directory, AD integration. We provided them with the much-needed custom login page. With CloudCodes for G Suite, the school was now capable enough to use their own school branding on the custom login page and their requirement was efficiently met.