Case Study for Education Sector

CASB Solution for the Education Sector


Based in Asia, a private business school that offers a broad range of long and short term programs in Business and Management had adopted G Suite. G Suite helped this school in achieving smoother operations, better coordination between its students, professors and others in the organization across all its campuses. In addition to having one synchronous platform for all the users, this institution also wanted the platform to resonate with its brand, so as to exude unity throughout the system.

Challenges with GSuite

Being a reputed business school with multiple campuses, it had become vital for this institute to build a unified image among all its users like students, professors, new admissions, applicants, etc., that would help instill a feeling of oneness throughout the institute, thus promoting a better user experience - internally and externally.

Given its adoption of G Suite, the institute wanted a solution that could enable them to brand the platform, along with keeping its Active Directory as it is.

CloudCodes for G Suite As A Solution

While evaluating solutions, this institute came across the Value Add On features of CloudCodes for G Suite (formerly known as gControl). After a few trials, CloudCodes for G Suite was adopted and applied to the entire system at this institute. With the ‘Customized Login Page’ feature of our solution the institute succeeded in establishing a uniform brand, Institute Name, Logo and Website address, throughout its G Suite without having to compromise on any of the other setups that they possessed, including the Microsoft Active Directory integration.

Additionally, the IP Restriction policies of CloudCodes for G Suite, helped the institute easily detect and eliminate phishing attacks, that otherwise would have led to data breach, which could have resulted in a great loss in its reputation and trust.

With CloudCodes for G Suite, the institute can now selectively apply policies to all its users or a set of users or department (OU) as per its requirement.