Case Study for Educational Sector(University)

CASB Solution for a well known University


Based in Asia, the university was established in 1985, offering PG courses as well as serving as a major education hub for higher education in India. They had adopted G Suite, which helped them in achieving much smoother operations, strengthened coordination among students, professors and other staff in the university across all its campuses. Due to some challenges faced with the login page in G Suite, they wanted a custom login page with the requirement of own university branding on the login page.

Challenges with GSuite

During the initial days of running G Suite all throughout the varied organizational departments, the IT staff faced an unforeseen problem with users’ free access to their accounts from multiple devices, even outside the office network without any IP restrictions imposed upon. G Suite security was not adequate for ensuring data safety, especially in cases where data access was unmanaged. The immediate requirement was to employ some solution which helps in confining user login only from the office network.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

While evaluating solutions, this university came across the Value Add On features of CloudCodes for G Suite (formerly known as gControl). After a few trials, CloudCodes for G Suite was adopted and applied to the entire system at this institute. With the ‘Customized Login Page’ feature of our solution, the institute succeeded in establishing a uniform brand, Institute Name, Logo and Website address, throughout its G Suite without having to compromise on any of the other setups that they possessed, including the Microsoft Active Directory integration. We provided them with the required custom login page.

With CloudCodes for G Suite, the university was able to use their own university branding on the custom login page and their requirement was met efficiently enough.