Case Study for Financial and Stock Broking Giant

Case Study for Financial and Stock Broking Giant


One of the leading, renowned financial, stock broking and wealth management firms, headquartered in Asia was evaluating its options of transitioning to a cloud application a few years back, and opted for the then best cloud service productivity application - G Suite.

Using G Suite enabled employees of the firm to effortlessly access the data from anywhere, at any point, and from any location. Migrating to cloud helped the firm to grow their business on the fly and also led to an enhanced internal and external work experience.


Moving to Cloud platform allowed the firm to be efficient in keeping up the database. With enhanced platform and communication, the employees could access the database from anywhere at any time, i.e., irrespective of location.

However, soon the company started facing challenges which were not foreseen, as a result of which the entire deployment of G Suite was in question. One of the biggest advantages of G Suite was that employees were able to access the enterprise data from any device, anywhere and anytime. However, this very advantage of access was becoming the largest threat to the company.

With this robust platform, data breach was the topmost concern faced by the corporation. The network-level security architecture was inadequate to protect business data leakage in the cloud

CloudCodes for G Suite As Solution

CloudCodes understood the problem and proposed the solutions that could overcome the flexibility challenges faced in G Suite. After detailed technical due diligence, CloudCodes for G Suite was chosen as the CASB solution for G Suite Apps for this Finance firm.

CloudCodes for G Suite allowed this finance firm to add the layer of cloud security on top of the G Suite without any significant change in its management. The features provided by CloudCodes CASB solution for G Suite protected the enterprise from unauthorized access by the employees or by any un-authorized person.Now with G Suite and CloudCodes CASB solutions this firm is able to leverage the agility of the cloud securely.