Case Study for Power Quality and Pharmaceutical Industry

Case Study for Pharmaceutical Industry


This Asia based leading pharmaceutical firm undertakes the operations globally by developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical / nutraceutical products worldwide. The company was established long back in the year 1973, and has a legacy of producing high-quality generic drugs, branded medicines, active pharma ingredients as well as nutraceuticals, which are marketed in India as well as around fifty other countries worldwide. They have a comprehensive portfolio of numerous brands covering chief therapeutic segments as well as a robust pan-India network for sales/distribution. This pharmaceutical company had deployed G Suite after taking note of the advantages that they can avail in terms of productivity by moving to cloud. However, within no time, they considered the pitfalls of the new system too. It was not that they wanted to come back to their conventional work system, because they were advantaging from cloud based networks as productivity is something they wanted to attain, but one thing that was perturbing the management of the company was with the data security risks associated with free data access. They had realized that this cloud network was surely not able to safeguard crucial data, and this was more or less happening due to the free access given to all users and on all devices, making the data prone to leakages, putting it at serious risk. Such concerns were addressed easily by CloudCodes CASB solution.

Challenges with G Suite

While using G Suite throughout the varied segments of the company, the IT staff saw some unpredicted issues that were arising due to users’ free access to their personal Gmail accounts, without any restriction. G Suite was lacking in the necessary security. Use of weak passwords by the employees of the organization was another concern they were having. Also, company users opening their personal Gmail within the office premises was yet another concern that was eating up their respite. They wanted to block personal Gmail access inside the office network and also didn’t want the users to open their mailboxes outside the office network. They also wanted strong password policies to be imposed upon for their users.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

The pharmaceutical firm started the search for an effective and efficient CASB solution. For this, they started conducting trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions. While these trials, our CloudCodes experts ran the CASB solutions that we provide through a number of used cases on managed/unmanaged devices. CloudCodes then implemented a CASB solution customized as per the requirements of this pharma company having Access Control features including IP restriction, Personal Gmail Block, and Password Policy; which helped in providing the firm with real-time cloud data protection, in turn helping the firm considerably in attaining amplified levels of cloud data security on their organizational cloud-based network.