Case Study for Power Quality and Energy Management

CASB Solution for Power Quality and Energy Management


In a world of digitally controlled environment, this Asia-based ISO 9001:2008 accredited power giant provides power quality and energy management solutions to safeguard against the ill-effects of frequent power cuts and disturbances in power networks that at times impact the network resources such as network computers, CNC, PLCs, and hard-drives adversely to an extent that may lead to crucial business-hour losses. They are the leading manufacturers and distributors of Air and Oil cooled stabilizers, Power conditioners, ultra isolation transformers, harmonic filters, transformers, and PDUs feeding their solutions into the manufacturing units across the globe. As part of their solutions, they deployed multiple Cloud applications and Cloud based services along with G-suite due to the ever-growing demand for their products, tasking them further to expand their operations globally, and to take control of the supply chain effectively. Since the design and architecture employed by this firm is of crucial nature, they integrated Zoho CRM and Zoho Books as well, which was a bit of a challenge to their already existing cloud network, as they needed to safeguard their exclusively copyrighted information from getting into wrong hands and to prevent any mischief thereof.

Challenges of G Suite

Now, it was a bit of a challenge for them initially to use the comprehensive model of all-inclusive cloud services hosting multiple facets of imparting work flexibility to improve productivity in all aspects of Enterprise operations over cloud. They identified that their employees were accessing their data across multiple devices and multiple locations, and thus, the ever-increasing frequency of changing IPs was the root cause of worry for them.

CloudCodes for G-Suite as a Solution -

It was only when they discovered the CASB solution from CloudCodes, and implemented it with their IP restriction policy specifically designed to secure and protect G-suite activity log. The unique CloudCodes solution with IP restriction feature was a boon in restricting IPs to only some pre-defined IPs, entirely disabling unauthorized G-suite data access activities across unknown IPs. This CASB solution helped this firm attain their objectives of Cloud Security in a manner consistent with their liking from a huge platform as good as CloudCodes.