Case Study for Trading Sector

CASB solution for Trading Sector


Based in Asia, this Financial Advisory firm has its reputation built on its everlasting performance. With more than 20 years of rich experience, thorough market knowledge, risk management proficiency, innovative techniques and focused research, they advise on equity investments, fixed income markets as well as mutual funds. The firm’s capability to imbibe novel ideas and fresh technological concepts, which underlines their work culture, was their reason of deploying cloud with G Suite. Things were moving fine initially, but it did not take then long enough to realize the security lapses in their system due to cloud network flexibility, which was unable in safeguarding critical and sensitive data. Free and comfortable access to data was actually making that data prone to leakages. The firm required redirecting its employees to their internal system instead of them jumping directly to their personal mailboxes. They wanted to block personal Gmail access within the office network, and also wanted that users don't open their mailbox outside the office network. This cloud security challenge was then addressed once they deployed CloudCodes CASB solution.

Challenges with G Suite

When cloud applications were run in this enterprise, all throughout its different working segments, the IT staff started feeling that some unanticipated issues were creeping in, mainly because of the reason that the employees were having free access to data on their own personal accounts, using which, they can access company’s data anywhere and anytime, and also use sensitive financial data of the company for their own benefit without any restrictions imposed upon them. G Suite security was seemingly incapable of keeping cloud data safe. The firm was having this immediate requirement to impose some policies and restrictions to redirect its employees to its internal working system instead of directly accessing their mailboxes from any place and at any point of time. They wanted to block personal Gmail access in the office network and also didn’t want that the users open their mailboxes outside the office network.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

While searching for a useful CASB solution, this finance company had conducted a number of trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions, wherein, CloudCodes experts ran them through a number of used cases with managed as well as unmanaged devices. CloudCodes then implemented a tailored CASB solution for them with features including IP restriction and Personal Gmail Block; which provided this company with real-time cloud data protection, thus helping them significantly in getting much increased cloud data security on their office G Suite network.