Case Study for Finance Sector

CASB Solution for the Finance Sector


Based in Asia, this financial startup firm has a team consisting of experienced professionals having in-depth knowledge of the finance domain and they work with an aim of providing making financial products easily affordable as well as accessible to common people. Going with the current corporate practices, they too adopted cloud working model, but very soon they realized cloud network architecture’s ineptness in safeguarding sensitive data residing over the cloud network, which was more or less happening due to work flexibility and free access to data on multiple devices and use of personal Gmail in office premises, which was making critical data prone to breaches and leakages. This data security challenge, which they were facing with cloud working environment, was soon addressed by CloudCodes for G Suite solution.

Challenges of G Suite

During the initial run, there were not many hassles, but gradually the company realized that throughout all the organizational departments, gaps were being witnessed. IT staff was facing some serious issues users’ free access to multiple devices, to their own personal Gmail accounts, and that too, without any such restrictions imposed upon them. Cloud security was, as they were experiencing, was not really ensuring data safety to the fullest. Their immediate need was of imposing certain restrictions to IP address and browsers, and they also wanted to stop employees from accessing their personal Gmail accounts.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution -

While searching for an efficient CASB solution, the finance company conducted multiple trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions, wherein, our experts ran the CASB solutions through an array of use cases. CloudCodes implemented its CASB solution with Access Control features including IP restriction, browser restriction and DLP features like Personal Gmail block; which really provided the firm with real-time data protection, helping this finance firm considerably in getting increased cloud data security over their organization’s cloud network.

At CloudCodes, enterprise data security is of great significance. IP restriction, a feature nested under Access Control solution helps in Whitelisting networks and connected devices, which have been accessible from a shared dashboard. CloudCodes for G Suite allowed the company in adding that extra cloud security layer by protecting the firm from any of the unauthorized user access attempts from outside the organization and that also without having to compromise with G Suite benefits. G Suite hand-in-hand with CloudCodes CASB solution enabled the enterprise to get much secured cloud access.