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CloudCodes Announced agent less DLP Feature In Its CASB Solution

CloudCodes Announced agent less DLP Feature In Its CASB Solution for Power Packed Cloud Security

CloudCodes, one of the emerging leaders in the Cloud Security and CASB vendor space, with its latest release, unveiled some powerful DLP features to enhance cloud and data sharing security for companies using G Suite / Google Apps for Work.

CloudCodes, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution vendor, offers multiple solutions like Cloud DLP, Personal Gmail Block, Access Control, IP restriction, SSO and IAM and more to companies operating on cloud.

In the latest update of CloudCodes for Business solution, CloudCodes introduced agent less Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature for companies operating on G Suite / Google Apps for Work. In addition to an already advance DLP solution that helps IT admins not only with compliance policies, but also with superior feature of tracking / blocking user activities like file download, share, copy and paste from clipboards, print function, screenshot function, etc; CloudCodes has developed an agent less DLP solution that aims at reducing the friction between the company’s data and any third party apps, while providing security at par.

CloudCodes agent less DLP will enhance Google Drive security by preventing, monitoring and detecting policy violations and intimating IT admins in near real time, which would in turn aid them in taking immediate actions towards data breach, data loss and insider data theft.

“With the increasing opportunities of data being mishandled, robbed, breached, companies are looking for way to be independent of an agent based security solution that can be turned off via proxy server and may lead to greater possibility of data loss, without any reports. We aim to address this very problem with our agent less DLP”, said Debasish Pramanik, CEO, CloudCodes. “Moreover, this comes at a very affordable price point for G Suite users. ”

Feature Highlights of agent less Cloud DLP by CloudCodes -

  • Track / Block Google Drive file sharing
  • Track / Block Google Drive file downloading
  • Track / Block Google Drive print function for files
  • Track / Block Google Drive screenshot function
  • Frictionless working with no dependency on third party apps
  • Near real time violation reports to IT team

CloudCodes is also working on bringing their agent less DLP solution and compliance policies on other platforms in its future updates.

For more, visit - https://www.cloudcodes.com/

About CloudCodes – CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider founded in 2011. It focuses on providing cloud security solution to enterprise customers through its single sign on solution. Its objective is to provide simple, effective and efficient platform for securing cloud applications for an enterprise. CloudCodes is a recipient of NASSCOM League of 10 for Emerge 50 awards and RedHerring Asia Top 100 finalist awards. CloudCodes is a SOC Type-II certified company and is also recognized by analyst firm Gartner as one of the sample vendors for Cloud Security and SaaS Security in multiple published reports.