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CloudCodes, a CASB Player, Announces Its New Version with More Security Controls

CloudCodes, a CASB Player, Announces Its New Version with More Security Controls

CloudCodes updated its feature with more security control to support web applications and apply control policies. This new feature will ensure customers to supervise and resolve security breach issues.

Pune, India, July 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- CloudCodes, one of the leading players for Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), announces the availability of its new features in its solution. The features include:

  1. Secure Web Applications
  2. Support for Cloud DLP for OneDrive
  3. Support for remedial actions for AWS CIS benchmarks

Secure Web Applications

CloudCodes SSO currently supports SAML based web applications. Secure Web Applications allows support to add non SAML based web applications on CloudCodes. With this feature, customers can now add legacy based web applications to CloudCodes and apply access control policies.

Support for Cloud DLP for OneDrive

CloudCodes added support for agentless data loss prevention for OneDrive. Now customers can define various rules that apply to documents stored on OneDrive. Some of the states that can be applied:

  • Revoke permission if a document in OneDrive is shared outside the organization
  • Revoke consent if a report contains restricted keywords

Support for remedial actions for AWS CIS Benchmarks

CloudCodes Workload Security now added support for taking corrective measures if any violation has occurred, according to the CIS benchmarks. E.g., if an AWS S3 bucket is made public, then CloudCodes will revoke the permissions and alert the configured stakeholders.

Jude Aloysius CTO of CloudCodes while sharing the announcements said, “The new security controls will allow customers to monitor and remediate security breaches on widely used cloud platforms such as OneDrive and AWS.”

CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider founded in 2011. It focuses on providing cloud security solutions to enterprise customers through its single sign-on solution. Its objective is to provide a simple, effective, and efficient platform for securing cloud applications for an enterprise.

For more information, visit our site https://www.cloudcodes.com/