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CloudCodes for Business Brings Advance Security Controls for Cloud Applications

CloudCodes SSO1 Brings Advance Security Controls for Cloud Applications Through SSO

CloudCodes SSO1 comes with advance security controls that are developed taking into consideration the challenges faced by organizations in adopting multiple cloud applications. The highlight of the release is anti-phishing control, support for biometrics as additional factor and geo fencing.

CloudCodes, the cloud security startup, announces the availability of their next generation cloud security product SSO1. It is an advanced version of their existing product gControl. The SaaS based gControl helped to secure Google Apps customers whereas SSO1 provides support for multiple enterprise cloud applications.

SSO1 is a Single Sign On(SSO) solution and supports out of the box integration with Google For Work. SSO1 can be integrated with organisation Active Directory or can act as an Identity Provider(IdP). The solution is designed group up keeping security in mind. The solutions provides the capabilities of IdP such as password management, self-password and multi-factor authentication(MFA). The MFA comes with support for biometric through a smartphone and OTP. Mostly all the advanced smartphones now available with support for fingerprint scan.

SSO1 provides out-of-box support of anti-phishing control. The solution enables the administrator to restrict access to the login page based on the country or the IP address. This ensures that only internal users have access to the login page. This allows the administrator to control access to the applications from countries which are known for hacking or phishing attacks. The most important aspect of SSO1 is it out-of-box support for perimeter based security controls. The solution enables the administrator to control the access of the application based on the IP address, Geo Fencing, Time and Browser. This brings a tighter control based on compliance and regulatory requirements.

SSO1 supports integration with multiple cloud based applications. It uses the standard SAML based integration to integrate with the various cloud applications. Currently SSO1 supports integration with Google For Work, SalesForce, Zoho, DropBox and Freshdesk. The roadmap expects to cover most of the popular cloud applications within the next three months. Another important feature is mapping of multiple users to single account of the cloud application.

The existing version which has been in the market for the last 3 years has around 259 active customers and around 100,000+ active users. The solution is used across industry verticals including banks, broking firms, manufacturing firm, logistics and so on. This new version will bring more security controls for organization who are adopting to the cloud. One of the key differentiator among its known competitor is the way SSO1 allows to on-board users at the time of roll-out of the solution. This is one of the important aspect as one of the big reason for failure of implementing is the overheads associated with the user on boarding process.