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CloudCodes For Business supports Consumer Gmail Block

SSO1 supports Consumer Gmail Block

CloudCodes gControl announced the availability of Information Right Management (IRM) of Email in their cloud security for Google Apps product gControl.

CloudCodes gControl announced the availability of Information Right Management (IRM) of Email in their cloud security for Google Apps product gControl. IRM for email is a key part of enterprise messaging security. Traditional messaging systems such as IBM Lotus and Microsoft Exchange Server IRM are one of the core security features but Google Apps still doesn’t provide this feature.

RM for email will allow the sender of the email to control the behavior of the email recipients, thus securing the email exchange between sender and recipient. Currently it is not possible to protect email sent by sender or have any control over the email once the recipient received it. The recipient can forward the email to users who are beyond the control of senders. These are some of the pitfall of existing messaging systems. IRM tries to address such concern by securing the email flow between sender and recipients.

gControl is the first enterprise IRM solution for Google Apps. Though there are existing IRM solutions, they are end user centric and cannot be managed by the Google Apps domain administrator but with gControl the domain administrator can completely control the various behavior of recipients.

gControl as part of IRM allows domain administrators to define email categories. Email categories includes header and footer. When an end user sends an email, the user needs to specify the category that email belongs to. For example the administrator may define “Internal” to categorized email sent internally, so when a user sends an email to internal users the user select “Internal” as email classifier. The header and footer may appear at the top and bottom of the email respectively.

gControl also allows administrator to define restriction on recipients behavior such as

  • Do Not Forward
  • Recall email
  • Delete after N days
  • Delete after N views
  • Do Not Print

Do Not Forward ensure the recipients of email cannot forward the email to unintended recipients. Recall email is a classic feature that allow senders to recall sent email. Sender can set to delete the email based on period or number of views. Do Not Print doesn’t allow the recipient to print the email content. All these features are not available in Google Apps.

As part of first rollout these five features were added as part of IRM. More features will be added to provide more granular control on recipient behavior.

IRM is an essential feature from an administrator point of view as it provides control on the recipients of the email sent by users of the domain.

About Cloudcodes:

CloudCodes was founded in 2011. CloudCodes builds cloud based Products for Google Apps and strongly believes in building the ecosystem around Google Apps. The Products are in 2 major categories, focused in bridging the gap between a enterprise expectation and Google Apps by providing Admin tools and second is to build business applications leveraging on Google cloud technologies.

CloudCodes recently was awarded by NASSCOM for Product Conclave for 2014 in the "The League of 10". Also we as a company we are now SOC2 Certified which means a lot to security experts and give the confidence to our customers about our Products.