Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The CloudCodes Partner Levels?

Our program features two levels of membership: Reseller & Premier. Our partners rewards and benefits increase as they advance through the program and ultimately reach CloudCodes Premier Partner status.

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Reseller Partner

Reseller partner is the easiest way to become partner and get started, all you have to do is to provide your customer a referral code and inform us about the domain name. Once the customer decides to purchase either direct or via reseller, the partner discount is made available to reseller partner. There is no revenue commitment.

Premier Partner

Premier Partners have superior sales and technical expertise in selling and supporting the CloudCodes product range. The CloudCodes Premier Partner earns the most extensive range of benefits and discounts, and an exclusive direct relationship with CloudCodes.

What Are The Partner Requirements?

Membership level in the CloudCodes Partner program is determined based on specific requirements, as detailed in the table below. The benefits our partners receive also increase as they advance through the program.

  • The partner should be a Google Apps Reseller
  • Should have Sales and Technical Team
  • Should update the website with our product (Premier partner)
  • Run Joint Marketing Campaign (Premier partner)
Partner Program Partner Margin Revenue Commitment Sales staff trained Joint business plan Volume Discount
Premier 30% Yes 1 Yes Yes
Reseller 15% No N/A N/A N/A

When Are CloudCodes Partner Levels Established?

CloudCodes Partner levels are qualified annually at the start of each calendar year. If a partner reaches the next level of the program during the year, we will update the membership status to take effect at the start of the next month. The partner will then be eligible for those newly achieved benefits (e.g., greater discounts) for the remainder of that calendar year and the year that follows. Qualifying partners will receive notification of any upgrade in levels from their CloudCodes channel sales manager.

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